J&A Training + Massage is a husband and husband team based in Boston, Massachusetts. With the intent to bring fitness and recovery to you in a safe environment, we offer mobile personal and group training, recovery programs, and in-home massage therapy. Your safety and comfort are our top priority! Whether you feel best at home, outdoors, or training virtually, we have you covered. We believe that wellness is multifaceted, and a combination of ‘break me down’ and ‘build me up’ helps you perform optimally and feel your best.


Licensed Massage Therapist

Aaron became intrigued by massage therapy and the effect it has on the body while training for the Chicago Marathon in 2006.  After two marathons and several half marathons, he hung up his racing shoes and enrolled at the Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy in Chicago, IL. He has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2010, and has practiced in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Boston.  With 10 years of experience, peak performance and recovery are the base of his practice. Not only will he help your body recover from your workouts, he will help you break through physical barriers and take your training to the next level!  He believes massage therapy does not have to be painful to be effective and incorporates techniques and modalities that encourage your body to begin its natural recovery process.  If your goal is to simply to relax and unwind – don’t worry, he has you covered there too.


Certified Personal Trainer

Jeff has been in the fitness industry for 16 years. He first received comprehensive Pilates and yoga certifications in 2004 through Long Beach Dance Conditioning, and Cloud Nine School of Yoga in Southern California. After his initial trainings, he has gone on to pursue additional certifications in Pilates, Gyrotonic®, cycling and personal training. He is a Certified Functional Strength Coach and is currently pursuing his Physical Therapist Assistant degree. He is passionate about helping clients achieve their goals and understands that everyone’s needs are different.  Whether you want to rehab an injury, improve your athletic performance, or learn how to ride to the rhythm of the music in your favorite indoor cycling class, Jeff is equipped to help. Having worked with a variety of populations including Olympic athletes, spinal fusion patients, and people who simply want to feel healthy and move well, he can create a custom program tailored to you and your personal goals.



Boston, Massachusetts

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Aaron Dembroski, Licensed Massage Therapist
Jeffrey Rieber, Certified Personal Trainer